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Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders



Another release from Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders, but quite different from the last few. Well, sort of.  Okay, fair enough, it is still ostensibly a drone composition, constructed from several individual recordings, but there was a programme of induction involved on this release.

Alexander Scriabin’s use of the Mythic chord was the basis. It started with Dan telling me about a radio show about Scriabin, then listening the some of his music and learning about the chap’s life. Pretty wild stuff indeed, so Dan I and thought a themed release seemed like a natural progression.

Several recordings involving the Mythic chord were made on various synths, mixed, layered, edited, pulled to pieces and then in turn layered with recordings from other miscellaneous sources.

Tension is abound: There’s a progression towards a certain euphoria which is followed by a slipping away from that and into something less aware.

There was a much heavier editing dialogue present, which evidences itself in the consistency over the 38 minutes of the final recording.

25 copies available on cdr with hand stamps and photocopied addages affixing the disc securely. Dan will have his half before the end of the week.


“Is she singing the trumpet?”

Following that dash to Leeds station, the ‘Ancient Western Hebrews’ regrouped over a few ales (at The Grove and HDM respectively,) a portion of chips a piece and a celebratory viewing of The Shining. The lads the brought their subdued brains to the boil in hXe’s hallway.

This is what happened.


Transit timing observations from Kepler

The Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders cdr is here! Fastest turn around ever from idea to release? Certainly so for this lummox.

Transit timing observations from Kepler presents two long tracks of droning electronics with light manipulations and edits from both.

This release is themed around the logistics, landscape and personality of a small section of the Sheepscar district of Leeds, an area that Daniel resides in and where I used to dwell myself, a fact we only found out after the event.

Positing nothing and simultaneously providing an audiographic transcription of the location, there is a caustic energy that is slow in motion, a jaded density that is growing and moving and yet resisting and remaining.

Edition of fifty copies. Hand stamped white top-black bottom cdrs come served in half size DVD cases (see image above,) although there are about ten in full size DVD boxes.

£3.00 (including UK p&p, please contact me for international prices.) Paypal


Ending in reverse

So, that was a fun two weeks off work. There was Supernormal, as described in the previous post. It really was super. The Bang the Bore crew held fast and made everything ace. And boozy.

Then there was a wedding in London. Not just any wedding, but the marriage of James (and now Michelle) Shaikh. Epic dances to Talking Heads led to bruised shins, amongst other things. And a hangover, obviously. (Big thanks to Matt and Faye Adams for putting up with me for so many days, too.)

Then I went to Whitby to stay in a Bram Stoker / Dracula themed room overlooking the Abbey and the sea. That was very nice. And Sandsend is a lovely place to wander to if you’re ever in the vicinity.

Then my brother was over, so we had a family get together, which was fun. And involved more booze.

Aside from such dalliances, I managed to record about 10 new sessions. Below is a limited tape which documents a minor portion of this. There will be more though, including a collaboration with Sheepscar Light Industrial‘s main man, Daniel Thomas. This will be a 50+ minute cdr which will be available from next weekend. It is also excellent, and took literally hours to bloom from seed to fruit.

Oh, and my twitter account was attacked by some wormy, tacky crap, so if you received any DMs from me containing a link, or anything like “wtf”, “omg” etc, just delete it. I didn’t send it. Apologies, and all that.


Live: John Butcher & Gino Robair (duo), Paul Hession (solo), Seth Cooke, Clive Henry & Kevin Sanders (trio)

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Bang the Bore's first Leeds concert - featuring John Butcher, Gino Robair & Paul Hession

Left Bank, Leeds: John Butcher, Gino Robair & Paul Hession
Line up: John Butcher & Gino Robair (duo), Paul Hession (solo), Seth Cooke, Clive Henry & Kevin Sanders (trio)

8pm – 11pm, Thursday 3rd May 2012
Left Bank, Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ
£8.00 on the door or from
Tickets available with 10% booking fee from Jumbo Records, Leeds

Bang the Bore is proud to present its first concert in Leeds, in conjunction with the Left Bank arts centre – three improvisers of world renown, playing in one of Leeds’ most visually and sonically evocative venues.



Tickets purchased via PayPal can be collected on the door on the evening of the show. Make sure to include the full name of the purchaser.

Of trying to make a palindrome out of the sea

With an excess of labour and a failing of thought, the track Skomor by Seas was run the through the TVP-grinder of petals. Enjoy the sounds of electronic music as heard through the potentiometer of a tape machine from another era.


Trio of three

A slightly redacted version of a jam by Adam Denton (guitar, electronics), Luke Twyman (drums) and Kevin Sanders (electronics, metal, tapes).

Dark times. No masters. Less direction, please.


Progress report

Copies of the Swan-Hunter & Petals collaboration cdr and the Urn / Petals split cassettes are now both available f0r £3.00 inc. p&p (£5.00 inc. p&p if you opt to purchase both). Copies will be available at No Signs of Repair on the 21st of May in Sheffield. This event will be a damned good time to start having summer fun, trading wares, eating cake, drinking beer, burning cash getting good stuff of good people, watching footage from the Royal House of Choke jam, listening to music and getting jiggy with everything…


New releases are imminent

The Urn/Petals split cassette will very soon be put in to production, along with the Swan-Hunter & Petals collaborative cdr and a new Petals solo cassette, ‘Reading of contracts’. Busy times. Patience is a virtue…

Copies of the split cassette and the collaborative cdr will be available for the 21st of May, the date of an all-day event in Sheffield at which Petals will be making an appearance at. More details on that as I find out.


True story

Quick update to let you know that rainbows are real, and that a collaboration with Swan-Hunter is very much in progress.