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Ecstatic stasis

Ecstatic stasis performed through the medium of reeds and voice. On a cold autumnal morning. In August.


Pastor of the beach

Having decided to pull out the trusty Casiotones (CT202 and CT501 respectively) along with a few other electronic  items, some metals and a trusty contact microphone, the scene was set to impeach the memory of a beach scene that I had never experienced.

Marseillan plage is a wonderful beach on the Mediterranean, and I have only experienced it in the rip-roaring heat of August. I’d imagine it to be a beautiful if not somewhat more solemn and sinister off-season. I’d like to hope it would sound like this in November.

Contrary to popular belief, cats can like water. If one came with me to Marseillan plage, it would feel locked in cycles of fun, synchronised almost perfectly with the crashing of the waves. Or perhaps not.


The field recordings pt.3

Here is a contact mic recording of a Boeing 737 that I was on while heading over to France. I have multi-tracked the recording with some parts isolated and enhanced and then added electronics and synth drones.

Enjoy the trip.


The field recordings pt.2

Various field recorded in various places with various things from direct to dictaphones to contact microphones on boats into a macbook, all mangled with some minimal effects in parts. This is the Breton which you crave.


The field recordings pt.1

Here are some recordings of the river Jaur recorded over the last couple of weeks which have been mixed to form one journey. No effects have been added, just some panning.


Oscillating between warm and warmer

So far so good. Plenty of sun, rowing, field recording, walking, running, cycling, reading etc. One day I shall figure out a way to make this my base.


Infusions for an exodus

Following a lovely ol’ time last Friday at the infamous Audacious Art Experiment space in Sheffield, I decided to dig a similar set up out of the hall and have a go at doing some solo stuff out of it. Here it is in glorious monochrome. All recorded live in my front room.

The almost-quarterly trip to France for a few weeks dawns upon me again at the weekend. Expect field recordings of the Languedoc to be plaguing this URL for months to come.