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Korean dreams

What with last nights efforts producing some extended field recording goo, this morning prompted the long overdue collaboration with Korean-based teacher Richard Lawson to hopefully form some new international Trinity action.

The Korean eulogy that I received via email has had tapes, sine waves and assorted electronics added to it to create a foggy dream of narrow boats traversing the oceans, only to collide with real world. A slow and sinking mess of my own Korean dreams.

Denton, you’re next!


Birdsong at the football match?

Tapes running slower, hum and fizz getting louder and all to the tune of beer soaked football and birdsong.

Luke Twyman provided one set field recordings from the Sheffield United vs. Leeds United match a few weeks ago, and I used some sounds from the park across the way. These sources were then processed and had a touch of contact mic’d filing cabinet thrown in to the mix, all live whilst trying to watch CSI: New York with my third eye on a Friday evening.

Enjoy the caustic clash of man vs. nature, electronics vs. tape and liver vs. alcohol in Nature match.


Field recordings of field recordings of doors

Over the past few days, I’ve taken to leaving a dictaphone in various places around and about in Huddersfield. Some of these were then recorded into my computer’s internal microphone in other places. The result is Field recordings of field recordings of doors.

No effects, processing or electronics. Just the recordings.


Masked out 3″ cdr out now on Striate Cortex

A new 3″ cdr, ‘Masked out’, by petals has just been released by the ever immense Striate Cortex. Gorgeous multi-layered and textured packaging with hand painted elements and printed inserted. All of this conceals the treated acoustic drones that were produced from a ukulele and violin and some tapes of reeds. Solemn stuff for sure, and as librarians discovered today, good for keeping people away from you too. I’m up for trades on the copies that I have, or you can paypal me at

Head over to the Striate Cortex and grab some their other beautiful releases. Top labels like this need supporting…