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Petpals finally record their debut

Photo on 2012-12-22 at 13.41

After I played a set in Southampton, Seth Cooke was keen on ‘Petals’ becoming ‘Petpals’. Since procuring a pair of cats, I’ve been meaning to do something daft with this. Today was that day.

Having set up my analogue electronics, I contact mic’d a cymbal up and put some stuff on it, and encouraged Max to join in. He duly obliged, as evidenced above.

Here is a live recording of Petpals jamming today.


Ongoing archiving project #1.1

I’m going to try and migrate what I can of my output over the years onto bandcamp for streaming/downloading, and generally better access. It may well take some time and be done on a very ad hoc basis, and it will not be done in order, like chronological or anything like that.

I’ll add the details to the discography over the course of time. Steady the ship. Reunite the parents with their offspring. That kind of thing.

Here are the first few:

From April 2011, when ears were passé (this track is why I no longer master by headphones): No context in this dissent

From back in May 2011, originally released on business card cdr: Lowest ever low

From earlier this year, released by LF records, and still available to purchase: Aposiopesis

The anonymity of Jesus Christ:

Live in London, in Leeds


The kindness of strangers


‘Ever resonating, the pulsing blows of washing machines have cleansed’, or so someone (didn’t) write. Well, someone could write. I suppose I just did.

Anyhow, I now have copies of Where textus became textus, and how I operated within in my possession, alongside Silvered alumnus, so if you want that stocking filler for a loved one, then baby, I’m your retail outlet of choice (or trades offered, as per usual.) Indeed, while we’re on such a proverbial trip, there are two releases I have to advise:

Germseed: Postcards from the Isle of the Dead (Part I)

Having seen Alice Kemp perform at the recent Extreme Rituals: A Schimpfluch Carnival in the lovely west country, I was very impressed with the intensity of her minmalist sound : high impact ratio. As such, I duly grabbed this disc when I arrived back home. A bit of digging (aka a cursory glance at discogs) reveals that she was involved in Dual.

I have the Keimar Sty CD and a 2 x 3″ live cdr by Dual. I acquired these artifacts many moons ago from Sheffield’s premier ‘stuff’ outlet, Rare & Racy. I had a fondness for procuring curious things that caught my eye, and the 2 x 3″ cdr set was certainly one of these. Oh for the discursive days of actually being in a record shop where you had relationship of trust with the proprietors, who by enlarge would be playing some wild free music and discussing monographs, cartography or some other such thing over large mugs of tea. Blessed be thy Sheffield.

To get back on to the topic, this cdr is amazing. Four short, textured tracks. Very impressive stuff. Beautiful, thematic packaging to boot, and bloody cheap. Highly, highly recommended indeed.

Textured Bird Transmission: Rays of the future

Textured Bird Transmission, one of Allan Upton’s alter egos, is a superb project. I’ve only got a few of this project’s select outputs, but they’re all stunning. Rolling, tonal drones, woven  up with a delicate grainy surface, snatching between your ears and your brain. Absolutely stunning stuff.

I’ve released work Allan has been involved in (on the Dead Wood/Phantom Heron Seas cassette, which I’ve still got a few of, I think…) and his back catalogue is highly worth picking up, not to mention his label, Dead Sea Liner, which has a similarly sublime line up of quality.

While I’m on this front, Sheepscar Light Industrial had a bit of a feature/multi-review over at Igloo Magazine, which kindly includes a review of my Whether to drown disc. Have a ponder. If you want a copy I’m afraid you’ll have to come through me. Again, £2.00 plus postage.

Nota bene: I’ll be playing in the motherland of Wharf Chambers, Sunny Leeds, on 13/02/12. Expect uninspired, low brow square wave drones and tape loops a plenty. Expect a lot more from Harrapian Night Recordings, Roman Nose, Clive Henry and (possibly) Moss Piglets.