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In situ, with the holiest trio

This weekend, Leeds played home for the third PANDEMIC event. There was plenty of encouragement for creativity and participation. Performances  quizzes, sound and fashion shows all featured in amongst creative writing workshops and other stuff to boot.

It was excellent. A really good atmosphere. A solace from the muck in which perpetually dig and wallow. It was really fun. I have a great deal of appreciation and admiration for all those involved, and especially those that undertook the awkward logistical tasks.

Personal highlights were the Urban Sprawl Theatre Company’s performance, the golden etching, Mark Hadman/Spandril‘s excellent DIY electronics set (rough drones that were continually sanded and punctuated with rattling, metallic textures,) and, of course, the Black Dogs quiz. But that doesn’t scratch the surface of what was on offer.

I had the gall to do this. Dan made the recording, so you can blame him for this document existing.

The next instalment from me comes at Ante. Come and have a Mayday blast with more creative and fun stuff. I’ll be bringing the beats…