petals discography

petals’ releases (where available, the links provide access to stream/download the releases):

Land, locks and sunshine c-35 (More Pricks Than…)

Split cassette w/ Nacht Und Nabel (More Pricks Than…)

Sea Deep c-35 (More Pricks Than…)

Pricking the collaboratives cdr/tape – collaborative tracks, one with Top Fife and one with El Dracula (More Pricks Than… nota bene: some of the cassettes list the collaboration with Top Fife as Scarfs)

‘Tour’ 2 x cdr (More Pricks Than…)

Burning static sisters 3″cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Split cassette w/ Timothy C. Holehouse (Analog Deity)

11/03/2009-16/03/2009 cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Gruel 3″cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Cobalt Blues cdr (No label)

What they thought about last night cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Avoiding contact between the skin and the eyes c-47 (Afternoons Modeling)

Live in London, in Leeds 3″cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Split cdr w/ Little Creature (No label)

Nice / petals – split cdr* (hairdryer excommunication)

Sleep to wake / Wake to sleep recycled cassette (Afternoons Modeling)

The anonymity of Jesus Christ 2×3″cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

The second time around I enjoyed it twice c-40 (Beartown Records)

Scapegoat Hill hockey puck cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Celestial absence 3″cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

No context in this dissent 3″cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Lowest ever low business card cdr (hardryer excommunication)

Tuft ang Post-Meredith c-24 [Collaborative cassette with Slump and Kodiak Gold] (Beartown Records)

Masked out 3″ cdr (Striate Cortex)

Swan-Hunter & Petals Collaboration cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Urn / Petals split c-28 (hairdryer excommunication)

(Aversion to) The Tempest 3″ cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Blacker curtains 3″cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

My waste 3″ cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

The reading of contracts c-36 (hairdryer excommunication)

Aposiopesis 3″ cdr (LF records)

Machynlleth for over an hour floppy disc (Amps Against Trend)

Business card cdr – ltd. 10 (no label)

Another black/red box c-36 (hairdryer excommunication)

Preconcerted c-26 (hairdryer excommunication)

The windy sea 3″ cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

I saw the sunshine behind the clouds c-16 (hairdryer excommunication)

Whether to drown 3″ cdr (Sheepscar Light Industrial)

Where textus became textus and how I operated within cdr (We’re gonna get fuckin’ drunk tonight boys)

Silvered alumnus c-22 (Armed Within Movement)

Thread dome c-36 (hairdryer excommunication)

Karl MV Waugh / Petals split 2 x 3″ cdr (hairdryer excommunication)

Salivate stone c-28 (Dirty Demos)

Eyes in glass DL/stream(/cassette TBA)

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