hairdryer excommunication was primarily formed as a mechanism to release, or more accurately, distribute the home made recordings of Kevin Sanders working under his Petals moniker. However this is now an expanding project which is now also engaging in information, arts and social discourses. That might be more accuratly be expressed as “mouthing off and engaging in dissident heterodoxies (or pissing against the wind.)”

With information distribution being an increasingly politicised action, and with the abuse, misuse and ‘relational’ use of “information” as political currency, hairdryer excommunication endeavours to interact, collaborate and share knowledge, art and opinion. Etcetera. We like to talk.

Basing things on the principles of fun seems like a good place to start; to paraphrase (and borrow) from an esteemed scholar of recent history, hXe “ain’t no commerical shit [… hXe]  bring the mothafuckin’ ruckus [sic.]”

If anyone would like to contact Kevin, please email him directly at kevinjsanders@gmail.com or feel free to leave comments.


Nota bene: All spelling and typographical ‘inconsistencies’ are deliberate. Obviously…

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