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Busy times


2014 has been busy so far. Two releases on hXe per month continues with the latest, Ascension through apathy by Kevin Sanders (which is me, so I’m kind of talking in the third person, which is always odd; At least with the ‘petals’ moniker, you can kind of justify it, but here, I’m not so sure). Also this month, alongside the ‘petals’ cassette on Beartown Records mentioned before, the Eyes in glass cassette, as ‘Kevin J Sanders’, comes out on KIKS / GFR 28/03/2014 (although I have two copies one copy no copies left with me now… get in touch via if you’re interested in getting one from me).

I was gifted a guitar last weekend by my father-in-law. When he visited over Christmas, he seemed to enjoy, or rather he was able to at least hear some tonal inferences into some of the ukulele stuff I had been been doing towards the end of 2013. As such, he enquired whether I wanted a guitar. Of course I did. I’m 30 and have never had a guitar; How could I refuse? Rock ‘n’ roll superstardom, here we come…

So, having brought it back home last weekend, I plugged it it into ol’ Daphon RG-140 amp (the one with the random 3/4 minute recording function built in to it)… at this particular moment, it dawned on me that I had very little idea about how to use these guitar things.

“Do you sing at it to receive warm, harmonic melodies in response?” (That doesn’t work, or at least it hasn’t yet.)

Given the questionable success of using the guitar, I played the reed organ for a bit and hit some metal. I started rolling a few tape loops, then a dictaphone, and like a snake charmer to the snake, the guitar started to get brighter. It was a charming scene. Ethereal bliss swelled through the room. I could even hear the neighbours enthusiasm at the feedback. Marvellous stuff in the spare room. Magical stuff.

‘Stuff’, at least.

Captured forever through the virtue of the record button, here we have been left with a document of I, Kevin Sanders, using a guitar for the first time.

Ascension through apathy


Petpals finally record their debut

Photo on 2012-12-22 at 13.41

After I played a set in Southampton, Seth Cooke was keen on ‘Petals’ becoming ‘Petpals’. Since procuring a pair of cats, I’ve been meaning to do something daft with this. Today was that day.

Having set up my analogue electronics, I contact mic’d a cymbal up and put some stuff on it, and encouraged Max to join in. He duly obliged, as evidenced above.

Here is a live recording of Petpals jamming today.


Rain (from below, climbing through the ether)

Following an atypically marvelous day of delight, I had decided to forgo my evening of work in favour of finding a new sound. This occurred:


Ending in reverse

So, that was a fun two weeks off work. There was Supernormal, as described in the previous post. It really was super. The Bang the Bore crew held fast and made everything ace. And boozy.

Then there was a wedding in London. Not just any wedding, but the marriage of James (and now Michelle) Shaikh. Epic dances to Talking Heads led to bruised shins, amongst other things. And a hangover, obviously. (Big thanks to Matt and Faye Adams for putting up with me for so many days, too.)

Then I went to Whitby to stay in a Bram Stoker / Dracula themed room overlooking the Abbey and the sea. That was very nice. And Sandsend is a lovely place to wander to if you’re ever in the vicinity.

Then my brother was over, so we had a family get together, which was fun. And involved more booze.

Aside from such dalliances, I managed to record about 10 new sessions. Below is a limited tape which documents a minor portion of this. There will be more though, including a collaboration with Sheepscar Light Industrial‘s main man, Daniel Thomas. This will be a 50+ minute cdr which will be available from next weekend. It is also excellent, and took literally hours to bloom from seed to fruit.

Oh, and my twitter account was attacked by some wormy, tacky crap, so if you received any DMs from me containing a link, or anything like “wtf”, “omg” etc, just delete it. I didn’t send it. Apologies, and all that.


Grey for pay

Too much synthesis of late. It will come to a head soon. There shall be blood. Like in Star Wars, or Battlestar Galactica, the latter of which I have never seen.

Squirmy signals.

There was blood in Alien, though. And Predator. And Total Recall. In fact, blood has been spilled in lots of sci-fi films and literature.


Got new mixer, jammed with new mixer

Self explanatory, really. However, to spice up that mundane fact, there is a small, truthful tale to make it more interesting.

After returning back from Barnsley, making my tea, finding the cats and other forms of whatnots, I decided to have a shower. Well, it would be rude not to have done so.

After five minutes or so, there was a knock at the door, and I decided to holler “It is on the latch” because my wife and I are down to one key after I turned into the Hulk last weekend and snapped mine in the lock last week. The knock continued. I shouted louder. The knock recurred.

I dived out of the shower with a towel around my lower half, and, as the knock came again (but with me now just 12″ from the door,) I barked “try pushing the bloody door Zoe!” This was met with a voice much deeper than my wife’s that said “I, I’m sorry, but…” so I opened the door and it was my lovely neighbour bringing said mixer that had been deposited with him by the courier.

Imagine trying to apologise with only but a towel and some wet hair, and now a large box to aid. Oh the dignity of it all.
The mixer (a mixer that isn’t broken and has an EQ that makes a difference rather than just varying the level of hiss on the channels) is ace.



Rose beer; or for bitter roses

A track recorded for a collaboration that never came to fruition. There is some baffoon singing an opera in 0.62 parts while a sloth makes their way around a note before finding a bamboo shoot and blowing it up.

Instead of allowing it to decay on my hard drive, I have decided to crop out three minutes of bamboo dew and fudgery and wedge it up here for downloading and streaming. Well, it was either that or go to work early, and that simply wasn’t an option when the crippling belly-ache of death kicked in.


Live: John Butcher & Gino Robair (duo), Paul Hession (solo), Seth Cooke, Clive Henry & Kevin Sanders (trio)

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Bang the Bore's first Leeds concert - featuring John Butcher, Gino Robair & Paul Hession

Left Bank, Leeds: John Butcher, Gino Robair & Paul Hession
Line up: John Butcher & Gino Robair (duo), Paul Hession (solo), Seth Cooke, Clive Henry & Kevin Sanders (trio)

8pm – 11pm, Thursday 3rd May 2012
Left Bank, Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ
£8.00 on the door or from
Tickets available with 10% booking fee from Jumbo Records, Leeds

Bang the Bore is proud to present its first concert in Leeds, in conjunction with the Left Bank arts centre – three improvisers of world renown, playing in one of Leeds’ most visually and sonically evocative venues.



Tickets purchased via PayPal can be collected on the door on the evening of the show. Make sure to include the full name of the purchaser.