hXe releases

Here are all of the hairdryer excommunication releases, many of which are available in perpetuity via out bandcamp page. If the download links aren’t working, let us know and we’ll try and fix it for you.

Asterisks denote the availability of a physical copy which can be purchased for a price that you can set (cost-covering appreciated) plus postage, although trading is preferred. Generally hXe releases are advised at something like £3/4 depending upon materials used. For example, where I’ve had letterpressing done, costs become higher. Contact kevinjsanders@gmail.com for further information.

Swefn Varieties of anomalous experience cdr*

Detailed and brilliant electronic music from the shockingly under-appreciated Ian Watson. His debut on hXe does not disappoint.

Kevin Sanders –  Sings classic bluegrass melodies with inflections from the ecclesiastical electronic sheep of Salendine Nook cdr*

Oddly musical outing comprsing vocals, strings and reeds amongst other audio. Cleansing? Cathartic? No. By the end, you’ll be craving some cheap alcohol and the bright lights.

Seth Cooke / Kevin Sanders split cdr*

Seth’s obsessive penchant for high quality audio recordings is disorientating on this track while Kevin’s former life of supermarkets reappraised.

Karl MV Waugh / Petals split 2×3″ cdr

Petals – Thread dome c-36

Mangled electronics that co-opt a missionary children’s choir for a total blast!

Ancient Western HebrewsEnd of fun 3″cdr*

Broken pop and field recordings from behind the BBC.

Champion LoverWorld according to Shaman c-30*

Sex blasts, kraut drums, bass from space, guitar from afar and mean keys rock the Arabian dream.

Daniel Thomas & Kevin SandersTransit timing observations from Kepler cdr

Slow form drone glue.

PetalsI saw the sunshine behind the clouds – c15

Crusty drone electronics, meet your pal, the keyboard swirls.

Petals Preconcerted c-24

Dead Wood / Phantom Heron SeasExempt through distance  c-20

Immersed exteriors pulled into the garden shed.

PetalsAnother black/red box c-36

Tape and metal clamours from the spring.

Petals – My waste

Scratched and untouched ukulele and cymbal abuse only to build into the symphonic suggestions of a weeping organ (which died shortly after. RIP, electronic friend.)

Petals(Aversion to) The Tempest

Manipulated tape loops sourced from my favourite comedy by William Shakespeare hit the synthesizer tones to hover across seas into an abyss.

PetalsBlacker curtains

A feedback, synth and ukulele vibe on the burn with a few jams mixed together in a suitably crude way.

PetalsThe reading of contracts

Last mono tape (c36) on hairdryer excommunication. Two side long pieces of reed drone, tape loops, glass bottles, rattling metals and disotorted analogue electronics. “Brain massage” or Luddite monotony? You decide.

Urn / PetalsSplit

Karl Sveinsonn (A Middle Sex / Stand) has cooked up three tracks for the debut release under this moniker. With tonal drones, beats, guitars and an unashamed use of a luxurious arsenal of experience (and gear), it is unlikely you’re going to come away from this side of the tape disappointed…for my money the second track is the best thing to pass through my lobes over 50 times this year. I just wish I had a car to cruise along with this as my soundtrack. Serious Out Run rage. Petals slows things down with some cloudy drones that circle the same territory before losing track of home. Luscious keys and hissing tape loops are buried within low frequency sine waves. Heady heights to fall from, great flights to crawl numb.

Individually home dubbed tapes wrapped in artwork by the fantastic Jo Morris (my mother in-law) and served with a bit of wool that I found at work.

Swan-Hunter & PetalsCollaboration*

Following the Bang the Bore 20/20 project, Adam Denton and Kevin Sanders decided to lock horns using the oh-so-modern route of the internet as the medium. A couple of long pieces were emailed between one another to do whatever was seen fit with, and the result is a rather glorious one. The disc opens with a tense and multi-layered drone piece which ebbs and flows with clicks and scratches, squeaks and moans, but always purring towards the final destination. The second track combines all kinds of disparate paraphernalia and is somehow rolled into cohesion with some deft additions and manipulations.

PetalsNo context in this dissent

Tapes, strings and electronics pull apart for the better part of 17 minutes. First edition of 19 copies. Five copies come with stick-on labels, printed and hand typed.

PetalsCelestial absence

Drowned out synthesizer, honed electronics and slow burning urns crack and fold under the weight of clashing tones and atmospheres.

PetalsScapegoat Hill

In a bizarre week of reed organ collecting, report collating, TransPennine Express dwelling, economic hoo-haa and missing out on that London’s fine offerings, Scapegoat Hillfound time time to  be recorded and packaged. It is a brutal track, and at under three minutes, will leave you desperate for less.

PetalsThe anonymity of Jesus Christ

Spread over two 3″ cdrs comes the new release from Petals. Four tracks are here, and they perpetrate various forms drone; sine waves, fluttering tonality, echoing creeps, repeated failures, and distorted static all share the platform. This is the most cohesive release by this self proclaimed replete repeater.

Nice / PetalsSplit*

petals opts for fuzzy electronic drones and hectic clattering tins to span out two tracks of one brain melting. Meanwhile Nice (aka Andrew Maughan) kicks off with some playful, child-like rhythms and warming reed drones before entering territory reminiscent of the Color Dream ‘Skywalker’ tape on Blackest Rainbow a couple of years ago. Beautiful and simple synth work, pulsing rhythms, harmonica and mouthings help to navigate through 25 minutes of bliss, with occasional madness playfully thrown at the listener for good effect.

Ancient Western HebrewsEditions of history (from the gorilla)

Trans-M62 synth, keys, drums, metals, mouths, tapes, guitars, tones, sine waves and more duo. Creations of stellar rides through whisky in space. With so much going on, it is rather a wonder that these two pigs managed to keep everything clear and cohesive. Favourite of the nows.

Julia LaDense / Petalssplit

Julia’s now notorious for her tape and internet DJ cross sectioning. Layers of popping attacked with tape manipulation as sludgy beats form below the surface. Spoken word actions cut into droning cyclones. I don’t know what she was thinking, but it works. Petals throws in some lo-fi tape murk that forms and harsh atmospheres of chaos or concern, or none of the above

(NB due to a major scale IT failure, hairdryer excommunication are currently unavailable to provide Julia LaDaense’s tracks. We are working on it and will provide a link as soon as is possible.)


Harsh noise from unusual and playful sources are captured by the window, over looking the trees and bushes of suburbia before everything becomes the same.

PetalsLive in London, in Leeds

The instruction manual to produce one tumultuous gig in London, electronic failure, several bruises, a smashed recorder and a lovely 3″ of swooning tape, gluttonous scrapes and fatty boom batty.

Petals burning static sisters

Double-edged electronics and howling wolves call witching hour for the fallen souls.

PetalsWhat they thought about last night

Weird droning stylophones, bubbling feedback and half-melodious clouds of fuzz all collude and condense the brain of late autumnal Yorkshire.

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