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“Is she singing the trumpet?”

Following that dash to Leeds station, the ‘Ancient Western Hebrews’ regrouped over a few ales (at The Grove and HDM respectively,) a portion of chips a piece and a celebratory viewing of The Shining. The lads the brought their subdued brains to the boil in hXe’s hallway.

This is what happened.


Champion Lover – ‘World according to Shaman’ c30

Manchester voodoo. Not an everyday phrase, I’ll grant you, but one not entirely inappropriate for Champion Lover.

Here, these dancing hoodlums jump backwards in time, to that world where spindly guitar sounds are audible, motorik drum and bass rhythms can pump, synths just purge and dub-appropriated effects cluster. They’ll pull you through an epic congo-dance-malaise into the future. (I don’t quite get how it happens either.)

What would you expect from souls that endured Cromwell Grove, the sounds of A Middle Sex and Trinity? And that bio only accounts for two members. Best not to dwell on such things.

Basically, go see Champion Lover. Fall in their trap. They’re touring the UK soon (details to follow, I assure you.) In the meantime procure their debut tape.

Served in oversized case, with hand-stamped sleeves and labels. £3.90 (inc UK p&p) to or buy ’em from them.