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Rose beer; or for bitter roses

A track recorded for a collaboration that never came to fruition. There is some baffoon singing an opera in 0.62 parts while a sloth makes their way around a note before finding a bamboo shoot and blowing it up.

Instead of allowing it to decay on my hard drive, I have decided to crop out three minutes of bamboo dew and fudgery and wedge it up here for downloading and streaming. Well, it was either that or go to work early, and that simply wasn’t an option when the crippling belly-ache of death kicked in.


The process of the process

I know that given the high quality of hairdryer excommunication releases, most notably on the packaging, that you (my dear listeners) may be under the impression that we have a team of experienced designers, cutters and stickers. However, this is not the case.

As this picture shows, it is a one person merry-go-round: all typing, all stamping and all dubbing goes down solo.

This is a work in progress of the first Dead Wood / Phantom Heron Seas collaboration cassette. Following their lathe on Dirty Demos and their 3″ cdr on Dead Sea Liner, these two mystical shed-dwellers have brewed some seriously organic death knell here. Honestly, the leaves ¬†on the lilies burst to life and then slowly wilted right in front of my eyes when they came across these sounds. Utterly brilliant stuff.

It should be ready to be procured by May. Rest not, dear listeners, I’ll keep you posted.


No parlez

Just a quick shout for all the South Yorkshire homebrew’s out there… At the Audacious Art Space, Sheffield, there is a gig on featuring various members of the Trinity shambles. Chris Riley will be beating the bass for space-disco-punks Champion Lover (who may well be releasing a cheeky tape through this channel in the future…watch this space) and Richard Lawson and myself will be synthesising a new world of electronics. It will be the first time we’ve played together for some time, and the first time as a duo since we recorded the Ancient Western Hebrews cdr.

On top of all of that is some Audacious Art Experiment stallwarts in various- newer- guises including and Andy Maughan (formerly known as Nice) who has promised to cover Paul Young and Erasure with some subtle sampling techniques. No shit!