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Secondary tracts


The early-year crop continues to yield bountiful harvests. Following January’s delivery of two discs from Petals, February has brought forth two more small-scale releases with the usual unlimited digital access. These two discs are presented by Kevin Sanders and tj cuckoo respectively…

The former provides absurd, sustained post-Coptic grunts alongside a veritable smorgasbord of metallic chimes, rattles and collapses. Ghostly transitions between future and past seem to coalesce around the warbling throats that sing untoward your brain-spaces. Just eight copies have been made on double-sided black and white photocopied paper.

Rather more illustriously, tj cuckoo (aka Rob Hayler of Midwich, fencing flatworm recordings, Radio Free Midwich and famed for coining the ‘no-audience underground’ phrase which hXe wholeheartedly co-opts) performs a rendition of a text score by Hull’s finest contemporary squalor in vocal-and-rat-a-tat-tatlling-object-throwing disorder. It is wonder to behold. (The score was recently issued in the latest copy of The Barrel Nut.)

vox-object features three tracks of pre-linguistic attempts at communication with a longer, more caustic track to boot. The guttural numbers are invariably more successful, communicatively speaking, then any hitherto fully formed words (or sentences), images or semaphore that have been used to communicate…er…erm… anything. Seriously. I have no ‘idea’, but a very deep understanding of why.

Fired in the kiln alongside the shorter throatings is a wonderous track featuring Hayler’s deft droning abilities. Detailed, grainy, dark drones crackle through thine ears until thee be burned out and ready to tackle one more explication of being. Prepare to have your skull seriously bent around this beast.

A mere fifteen copies exist on 3″ cdr with simple black and white photocopies of Yol’s score and the usual hXe stamps and typewritten accoutrement. Rob will have eight copies by Wednesday, of if you’re reading this next week, Rob’s traded, swapped and sold his copies, but I’ve still got seven to deal with.)