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Grinding girders for matron

Following the epiphany of last week, I have decided to make a very limited number of a new release available on tape. The track Helios in the dark, which was recorded last weekend, has been cut down to fit on the c-36s that I have, and has been joined by a newbie in the shape of dipping one’s finger.

‘Another black/red box’ comes in either black or red library cassette boxes that have been cut, chopped and otherwise shaped to fit this need. Repurposing for the no generation, etc.

Free download or stream from the link below.


Core participation for analogue solutions

Following on the clanking of yesterday, I decided to remove the casing from a dictaphone today so that I could bow the motor, as it were. This led to a deeply flawed tape loop composition.

It is the staple to any day; the circling of the wheels, propelling the sound, the recording and rerecording of that sound, the physical manipulations of these rerecordings and the collision of the sounds from the original recording with the physically manipulated sound of the rerecordings.

Mumbo jumbo or not, that is the staple of life, right?