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Owl flutes

As the passage cometh, so too do the parcels. Or so is said.

Laid from hollowed woods, magnetic tape, solitude/solidarity and impending bliss, this is a Concerned piece where the weight of the past is impeding on the future, where obstacles are their own limitations and where play is not rewind.

Monotonous eulogies for the stifled.


Another day of horror

Relentless movements. Back and forth. To and fro. All of that, and not enough food. Enough diluted fruit juices (I hope).

Honestly, what else could one get up to in such a bed ridden state? It just had to involve a violin string wrapped around some metal, ye olde uke, a bamboo flute and a tape. Crude bowel movements recruited and recorded with a hot water bottle on my stomach throughout.

You can tell everybody, but I’m just gonna ape for some toast, possibly with an¬†avocado¬†based topping.


Bone scratching for use

In between shivering, delirious thought processes, vomiting, drinking hot orange and watching Wimbledon to feel alive following some seriously horrid virus, a new track was edited up. Synth swells, bamboo flute, metal, pitch pipe and tapes were lumped in to back up mixer and plied with some viral sensations as Bone scratching for use was pulled from a very poorly mind. Expect minimal sensations and suspensions of the brain.



Long time pal, design aficionado, skate demon and all round top draw chap Justin Jones has finally got round to showing us, the people, something of his recent synth fun. Check out the Seas blog for a track now. Summer time funs, innit.