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Available releases

Just a quick note to say that I’ve added the second part of this month’s releases, ‘Circadian escapades‘, which is raising money for #TeamHarpy‘s legal fund.

I’ve also wedged up a bunch of other releases, including the brand new ‘abstention‘ cassette by petals on the Strange Rules label, the brand new three way split cdr by Ian Watson, Greg Godwin and Kevin Sanders ‘Metal casket variations, ‘I’ve never been good at…‘ cassette on Beartown Recordings and various other cdrs and 3″ cdrs from yonder.

Expect more stuff over time…


Running up that hill

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.12.24


Following a scheduled cycle from Bath to Portishead, a ride that was cut to a Bath to Bristol ride due to technological ineptitude and a shortage of time, I didn’t really feel like running up a hill yesterday afternoon.

You see, thee hXe folk recently took a jaunt over to the south of France and indulged in a bit of outdoors activity. A few sups of rosé wine, a couple of 45km bike rides and walk up a mountain occurred. Uncomfortably healthy. Unnatural. Unnerving. Still, a tan was acquired. My otherwise pasty self knows not how to respond to these chameleonisms. You have to take what you can get, I suppose.

The above image is a digitally created post-cubist view from the top of said mountain. 1200m up, it was harder work than I’d anticipated, which only left the descent. The descent was as philosophical as it was a pain in the arse.

Still, I captured a bunch of recordings en route: insects and animals; leaves and flowing water; the breaking of stones underfoot; my energy eeking away; the existential realisation of time seeping away. Add to these some heavy static synth action with some minimal electronics, and you have La peur de Gorges d’Héric.

We’re also off to see Kate Bush in a few weeks. We are engaging with popular culture. Whatever next. Running down hills? Sublimity awaits.



A purification of space


20 copies of A purification of spacea two-track cdr of heavy tape anxieties, are now available. Field recordings of empty library spaces have been slowed down and re-dubbed onto cassette loops, slowed down and re-dubbed on to cassette loops and mixed with sustained vocal wobbles and further tape wobbles, guitar and synthesiser. 

Some moments of emancipation seemed to get frozen just before corrosion kicked in. What we’re left with is the pre-decay of claustrophobia and intervention in our daily lives as we struggle through the mud, face down in the dirt. Happy daze!

Recycled slip case with silver ink-stamp cover and a typed and stamped slither of tissue paper of liner notes.



Welcome to 2014


Here is the first part of a two-part series of analogue synthesiser gristle.

An appropriate 20 copies of each to be available via cdr.

‘Magnates agus drochthoradh’ is now available to order/steam, and the following as yet will be available in the coming days/weeks.



Recent thyme, forward thinking

So, following the success of The compass points NorthDan and I have begun work on a further collaboration. Fingers crossed it won’t take too long to put together. I’m working on editing a few Petals things up for release throughout the summer along with a new Swefn release and a new Maurice’s Hotel Death in the pipeline too. Boom!

Aside from such revelries, I’ll also be heading back over to sunny Nottingham August 3rd 2013 to play with Cremation Lily, Content Nullity, knifedoutofexistence and W>a>s>p>s before returning to the celestial land of Shipley to play with Drunk in Hell in September. Moreover, I’m buggering of to France for a week to go and lie down, eat some baguette blanc and get funky and fresh on a bicycle between chain-drinking small bottles of beer and large glasses of wine.


The compass points North

The compass points North

22/06/2013: See thee there.


When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on


Right, following my two month sabbatical to the studio, I can finally start to impart some of the products of the labour.

Here are a series of recordings made over few months. The culmination of some very simple ideas that were plotted for my contribution to the Bang the Bore 12/12 project.

Entitled ‘Some tragedies,’ repetition is explored with some deep and some light results. Make what you will of an infinite void.


Karl MV Waugh / Petals split 2×3″


With the excitement of yesterday’s diary dump, I completely forgot to mention that the Karl MV Waugh / Petals 2 x 3″ is now available. It has already had some kind gestures aimed at it, so I’d recommend grabbing it now if you want one as there are but 24 copies in (physical) existence, of which I have only a handful left. Karl has a half of the initial ‘press’, so feel free to badger him, perhaps particularly if you live in the south east as postage is somewhat of a joke these days.

Karl MV Waugh, a regular A Band and Thee Bald Knobbers chap, at least when not partaking in The Zero Map, produces a rolled coaster of a ride with ‘Self pity’. Looming somethings. Fractured greys. There’s lots of attention and detail in the drone fields here, making for some top draw stuff. Petals continues with acidic drones, peppered with growing exterior sounds. As Girls Aloud claimed, the “beat of the drum goes round and round,” and while there are no drums here, the cyclical waltz of daily life in deepest Kirklees is firmly on display within ‘Lost found and buried in a tree.’

Each disc has been hand stamped and comes served in monochrome 7″ style packaging for just £4.00 plus postage.

However, for anyone who cares not for the clutter of physical stuff, worry not. It can be streamed/downloaded for free/donations over at:


The Snow


Hopefully you forgiving lot can forgive both the poor-man’s Carpenter-esque title to this here post, the cataloguer’s bind of unnecessary capitalisation and the sounds you may choose to hear (not forgoing, of course, the nonsense you are reading.)

You see, it snowed today. It snowed, or rather, it is still snowing here, today. This inhibited me from making it not only over the county border-line to the locum of my employer (on Monday’s and Friday’s, anyhow) but even from beyond the slip road where I dwell.

I’ve never been a fan of the snow. I used to hate it as a kid. I didn’t get the fuss. All that cold and damp, rolled together and splattered all across your clothes. I wouldn’t take a cold bath in my jeans and tell everyone it was excited. Maybe it’s just not my style.

Anyhow, the recompense of the snow’s fall was that I was given time to do some other work. So I faffed about with the dissertation I’ve been dragging my heels over for way too long (“two to four weeks, and it is in, I tell’s ya!”) It actually looks like it is something near an MSc dissertation now, rather than four disperate assignments spanning 14’000 words and over 70’000 words of transcriptions. Who’d a thunk it, eh?

Anyhow, it also gave me opportunity to “practice” how I might be able to approach the couple of gigs that I’m playing at over the next couple of weeks. (Obviously these will in no way interfere with the dissertation stuff. No way. Nah-uh.)

So here is what it won’t sound like, but I would like those to sound like:

Oh, and while I’m being immodest and self-aggrandising, why not go the whole hog? Rob over at RFM has gone and scribed some eloquent words that are nothing short of lovely about some of my recent releases. Also, so has Jack Chuter over at ATTN. Crikey.


The kindness of strangers


‘Ever resonating, the pulsing blows of washing machines have cleansed’, or so someone (didn’t) write. Well, someone could write. I suppose I just did.

Anyhow, I now have copies of Where textus became textus, and how I operated within in my possession, alongside Silvered alumnus, so if you want that stocking filler for a loved one, then baby, I’m your retail outlet of choice (or trades offered, as per usual.) Indeed, while we’re on such a proverbial trip, there are two releases I have to advise:

Germseed: Postcards from the Isle of the Dead (Part I)

Having seen Alice Kemp perform at the recent Extreme Rituals: A Schimpfluch Carnival in the lovely west country, I was very impressed with the intensity of her minmalist sound : high impact ratio. As such, I duly grabbed this disc when I arrived back home. A bit of digging (aka a cursory glance at discogs) reveals that she was involved in Dual.

I have the Keimar Sty CD and a 2 x 3″ live cdr by Dual. I acquired these artifacts many moons ago from Sheffield’s premier ‘stuff’ outlet, Rare & Racy. I had a fondness for procuring curious things that caught my eye, and the 2 x 3″ cdr set was certainly one of these. Oh for the discursive days of actually being in a record shop where you had relationship of trust with the proprietors, who by enlarge would be playing some wild free music and discussing monographs, cartography or some other such thing over large mugs of tea. Blessed be thy Sheffield.

To get back on to the topic, this cdr is amazing. Four short, textured tracks. Very impressive stuff. Beautiful, thematic packaging to boot, and bloody cheap. Highly, highly recommended indeed.

Textured Bird Transmission: Rays of the future

Textured Bird Transmission, one of Allan Upton’s alter egos, is a superb project. I’ve only got a few of this project’s select outputs, but they’re all stunning. Rolling, tonal drones, woven  up with a delicate grainy surface, snatching between your ears and your brain. Absolutely stunning stuff.

I’ve released work Allan has been involved in (on the Dead Wood/Phantom Heron Seas cassette, which I’ve still got a few of, I think…) and his back catalogue is highly worth picking up, not to mention his label, Dead Sea Liner, which has a similarly sublime line up of quality.

While I’m on this front, Sheepscar Light Industrial had a bit of a feature/multi-review over at Igloo Magazine, which kindly includes a review of my Whether to drown disc. Have a ponder. If you want a copy I’m afraid you’ll have to come through me. Again, £2.00 plus postage.

Nota bene: I’ll be playing in the motherland of Wharf Chambers, Sunny Leeds, on 13/02/12. Expect uninspired, low brow square wave drones and tape loops a plenty. Expect a lot more from Harrapian Night Recordings, Roman Nose, Clive Henry and (possibly) Moss Piglets.