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Went for a paddle in the river. Mucky, mucky business.


Retrogressive acknowledgments; or the future updated

Just a quick note to, well to notify you that the Preconcerted tape is now going to be packaged in a similar way to the previous petals release, Another black/red box, which is still available. This is because all of the folders (like the one in the photograph above) with slides have been used for now.

If I get my grubby paws on anymore, these will be used again. If I don’t, then they won’t… you have to be quick these days.

Big thanks to Steve at Muhmur HQ for the very kind words!


Dead Wood / Phantom Heron Seas – Exempt Through Distance c20

After a string of delays, we can now offer the amazing new release from the on-going collaboration between Dead Wood (Adam Baker, who runs the amazing Dirty Demos and Amps Against Trend labels) and Phantom Heron Seas (Allan Upton, who operates the ever reliable Dead Sea Liner label amongst other projects) in an edition of thirty copies.

A weird blend of organic and inorganic matter immerse these two sides of tape. One from inside the shed, and one from outside of the shed? Who knows? Nature running through the radio static of the south coast? The grass feedback to the wind farms?

I digress.

All hand dubbed at home in stereo and served in oversized case with hand stamped labels and a superb letterpress cover by The Print Project from over in Bradford bring together this beautiful oddity.

Due to the extra costs on this one, it is going to cost (gulp) £4, and with an extra 75p for UK postage, which I can only apologise for! Don’t worry though, we’re still not not breaking even on this, as that would just be daft.


Grey for pay

Too much synthesis of late. It will come to a head soon. There shall be blood. Like in Star Wars, or Battlestar Galactica, the latter of which I have never seen.

Squirmy signals.

There was blood in Alien, though. And Predator. And Total Recall. In fact, blood has been spilled in lots of sci-fi films and literature.


The news beat (for tennis tyrants)


Prior to going to consume alcoholic drinks yesterday afternoon, I quickly made this.


Got new mixer, jammed with new mixer

Self explanatory, really. However, to spice up that mundane fact, there is a small, truthful tale to make it more interesting.

After returning back from Barnsley, making my tea, finding the cats and other forms of whatnots, I decided to have a shower. Well, it would be rude not to have done so.

After five minutes or so, there was a knock at the door, and I decided to holler “It is on the latch” because my wife and I are down to one key after I turned into the Hulk last weekend and snapped mine in the lock last week. The knock continued. I shouted louder. The knock recurred.

I dived out of the shower with a towel around my lower half, and, as the knock came again (but with me now just 12″ from the door,) I barked “try pushing the bloody door Zoe!” This was met with a voice much deeper than my wife’s that said “I, I’m sorry, but…” so I opened the door and it was my lovely neighbour bringing said mixer that had been deposited with him by the courier.

Imagine trying to apologise with only but a towel and some wet hair, and now a large box to aid. Oh the dignity of it all.
The mixer (a mixer that isn’t broken and has an EQ that makes a difference rather than just varying the level of hiss on the channels) is ace.