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The Sunday of distance, the Sunday of reign

Sat. Seated, almost motionless

and almost silent,

sat. Sat, almost leaning, partly

standing, and almost

silently swaying in twisted heaps

of stasis. Worlds contracting from hands

into fingers. Seated up, upright almost aimlessly.


Back in the red

With the tragic passing of my beloved computer has come the budget/blagged purchase of a better one. All thanks to the naivety of a user and the credit surplus that Barclaycard insist on informing me of (in terms of me failing to exploit more credit/debt).

Whilst all of this rather pales into the ether when confronted with our global turbulence, more of which is intended to be touched on over the next week or so, I simply felt that some form of announcement of our ‘return’ to ‘normal service’ was called for.


hairdryer excommunication

Feeling the restrictions from our former home, we have jumped ship in order to make our online residence more comfortable.

There shall be easier access to all downloads, there will be a clearer interface to enhance historical records, and there shall be a greater level of correspondence and interaction.

The aim is simple; clarity.

First up is the announcement of the new collaborative cassette by three parties distanced by geographical locations. The members of Kodiak Gold, Petals and Slump reside in the disparate locations of Cheshire and Huddersfield and London, and so decided to use the age old if not terribly weary postal system to overcome this issue.

A cassette arrived in Huddersfield when I returned from my festive jaunt through the Midlands and to West Sussex. This was then processed and added to before being posted along, with the original cassette, off to London to face additional processing and new input. The art work was formed at the same time, with a scrawl becoming the threeway scrawls that adorn this new tape.

Expect bass tinkering, tape scramble and analog electronic fury. Head over to Beartown Records to grab your copy of Tuft ang Post-Meredith.