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Now issuing aspirations

Having established that some of my aspirations have been causing a negative impact upon my being over the last ten years, I have decided to attempt to resolve this issue in a practical way.

Many people may decide to shift their focus and as such, through a process of personal appraisal, realign their aspirations. However, having been through this process a few times, I’m going to do something a little different this time.

Now, some aspirations have worked for me having given me something to aim for;. The attainable out-of-reach can act as a healthy aspect (and metaphor) of existence for those searching. However, professional aspiration has had me in somewhat of a perpetual state of flux for the past ten or so years. As such, I am going to give my professional aspirations away.

They are free, but only available by collection only. No time wasters please.

I’m certain that once I have emancipated myself from these¬†unattainables, I shall feel more content, and as such, be able to focus on my other, perhaps more social aspirations.