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June and July

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A busy few weeks hath been had yonder hairdryer excommunication. Gigs at Electric Knife (London, which also was a weekend of much frivolity and joy…) and Audacious Art Experiment (Sheffield), recording in Shipley, meals in Leeds, further recordings sessions in the celestial homespace of Bath and a radio show courtesy of Muhmur Sound Art.

The radio show featured an hour or so of exclusive material plus the recent TST release on Sheepscar Light Industrial. Quite a bit was recorded specifically for the show as it was such an honour to be invited. Hopefully it didn’t fall too far short of the bar. Please feel free to check out the show and let us know what you think. (Some of the material may very well be made available in the not too distant future.)

On the theme of new material, a new TST release comes via this very source. ‘The spoken truth’ is a vaccum of space crust. Refined minimalist recreations and slovenly filtrations of debris. Lovely oozes of analogue synthesisers hold their own for 18 minutes or there abouts, just long enough to wet the proverbial whistle.

Right, I’m sure there’s a ton of other stuff. We’ll get around to updating you all on it soon. Especially you.


In situ, with the holiest trio

This weekend, Leeds played home for the third PANDEMIC event. There was plenty of encouragement for creativity and participation. Performances  quizzes, sound and fashion shows all featured in amongst creative writing workshops and other stuff to boot.

It was excellent. A really good atmosphere. A solace from the muck in which perpetually dig and wallow. It was really fun. I have a great deal of appreciation and admiration for all those involved, and especially those that undertook the awkward logistical tasks.

Personal highlights were the Urban Sprawl Theatre Company’s performance, the golden etching, Mark Hadman/Spandril‘s excellent DIY electronics set (rough drones that were continually sanded and punctuated with rattling, metallic textures,) and, of course, the Black Dogs quiz. But that doesn’t scratch the surface of what was on offer.

I had the gall to do this. Dan made the recording, so you can blame him for this document existing.

The next instalment from me comes at Ante. Come and have a Mayday blast with more creative and fun stuff. I’ll be bringing the beats…


Recent protestations


01/02/13: Finish work early, meet library people in pub. Had a pint of Marble’s Dobber at The Grove before jumping over to The Rat & Ratchet for a couple of Brooklyn’s Chocolate Stout. I forgot that is 10% ABV. Oh well.

02/02/13: #shefflibcamp at Sheffield Hallam University. Then to the pub before the saltiest tofu I’ve ever been near was consumed, followed by berating top people.

03/02/13: Bad start to the day. Chamomile smile added before playing The Audacious Art Experiment’s space. Murray played under the moniker Tepeu Q’uq’umatz, it was grand. Spandril was a total curveball. Very intriguing. My set was short, but functioned. I had to bail early so missed most of it.

12/02/13: Milo, everyone’s favourite favourite visits “tarn.” Introduced him to the joys of some local establishments, and he duly repaid this by introducing me to Ain’t it a shame by The B52s. We danced.

13/02/13: Remembered that I’m not much of a dancer. Pascal put on a mighty fine show. My set was functional. Pete Cann’s set was loud and great fun. (Wobbling metals can never fail.) Joincey’s set was predictably brilliant. Then I had to bail to get the train.

15/02/13: Dave Pattern braved the wonders of SWB’s wonderful Caol Ila infused beer. Groovy times. Went to Wakefield. Milo introduced me to Fernende’s. Good spot. He had scored us VIP to the opening of a show he was installing at the Hepworth. Free wine. Free Prosecco. I bailed on Leeds to get to bed.

16/02/13: Reconfigure myself to weekend mode. It has not been in use for some three years. Feels good. Checked the gear following recent shows. It sounded like this:


Got new mixer, jammed with new mixer

Self explanatory, really. However, to spice up that mundane fact, there is a small, truthful tale to make it more interesting.

After returning back from Barnsley, making my tea, finding the cats and other forms of whatnots, I decided to have a shower. Well, it would be rude not to have done so.

After five minutes or so, there was a knock at the door, and I decided to holler “It is on the latch” because my wife and I are down to one key after I turned into the Hulk last weekend and snapped mine in the lock last week. The knock continued. I shouted louder. The knock recurred.

I dived out of the shower with a towel around my lower half, and, as the knock came again (but with me now just 12″ from the door,) I barked “try pushing the bloody door Zoe!” This was met with a voice much deeper than my wife’s that said “I, I’m sorry, but…” so I opened the door and it was my lovely neighbour bringing said mixer that had been deposited with him by the courier.

Imagine trying to apologise with only but a towel and some wet hair, and now a large box to aid. Oh the dignity of it all.
The mixer (a mixer that isn’t broken and has an EQ that makes a difference rather than just varying the level of hiss on the channels) is ace.



No parlez

Just a quick shout for all the South Yorkshire homebrew’s out there… At the Audacious Art Space, Sheffield, there is a gig on featuring various members of the Trinity shambles. Chris Riley will be beating the bass for space-disco-punks Champion Lover (who may well be releasing a cheeky tape through this channel in the future…watch this space) and Richard Lawson and myself will be synthesising a new world of electronics. It will be the first time we’ve played together for some time, and the first time as a duo since we recorded the Ancient Western Hebrews cdr.

On top of all of that is some Audacious Art Experiment stallwarts in various- newer- guises including and Andy Maughan (formerly known as Nice) who has promised to cover Paul Young and Erasure with some subtle sampling techniques. No shit!


Live: John Butcher & Gino Robair (duo), Paul Hession (solo), Seth Cooke, Clive Henry & Kevin Sanders (trio)

CLICK TO ENLARGE: Bang the Bore's first Leeds concert - featuring John Butcher, Gino Robair & Paul Hession

Left Bank, Leeds: John Butcher, Gino Robair & Paul Hession
Line up: John Butcher & Gino Robair (duo), Paul Hession (solo), Seth Cooke, Clive Henry & Kevin Sanders (trio)

8pm – 11pm, Thursday 3rd May 2012
Left Bank, Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ
£8.00 on the door or from
Tickets available with 10% booking fee from Jumbo Records, Leeds

Bang the Bore is proud to present its first concert in Leeds, in conjunction with the Left Bank arts centre – three improvisers of world renown, playing in one of Leeds’ most visually and sonically evocative venues.



Tickets purchased via PayPal can be collected on the door on the evening of the show. Make sure to include the full name of the purchaser.

Bathing after PANDEMIC 2011

Following Wednesday’s death howl at PANDEMIC 2011 at the Audacious Art Experiment’s HQ, I took a few bits and pieces with me in to the bath to try and clear my head and practice being calm. It didn’t work. Some of the same things just sounded muckier.

Check it out yourself.