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Ongoing archiving project #1.1

I’m going to try and migrate what I can of my output over the years onto bandcamp for streaming/downloading, and generally better access. It may well take some time and be done on a very ad hoc basis, and it will not be done in order, like chronological or anything like that.

I’ll add the details to the discography over the course of time. Steady the ship. Reunite the parents with their offspring. That kind of thing.

Here are the first few:

From April 2011, when ears were passé (this track is why I no longer master by headphones): No context in this dissent

From back in May 2011, originally released on business card cdr: Lowest ever low

From earlier this year, released by LF records, and still available to purchase: Aposiopesis

The anonymity of Jesus Christ:

Live in London, in Leeds