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Or, Dio… and gender politcs


First things being first, I should probably mention that petals have a new tape out on Strange Rules. It is called Abstention and is now sold out out at source, but various distributors will have it in due course, as indeed will I. Get in touch if you’re interested. Strange Rules head honcho, Zen Zsigo, has described it as his “late summer soundtrack”.

Next up, Kevin Sanders has produced two new 3″ cdrs. The first of which, A decline in aspirationis available now and the second of which, Circadian escapades, is due out imminently. These recordings offer a slower and more sparse construction than his more recent output, focussing upon acoustic sounds which are then processed, introduced, layered, synthesised, and smelted down.

Please note that all monies raised by this month’s hairdryer excommunication releases will be going to Team Harpy. Team Harpy are two brave women, Lisa Rabey and nina de jesus, that publicly criticised the sexually harassing behaviours that were extant among certain members of the library conference circuit in North America. A person named as a perpetrator but did not accuse of any illegal actions, has now decided to sue these women for expressing their thoughts on such behaviour. He is suing for $1.25m. As an American, he has chosen to sue Team Harpy in Canada, where nina resides (but not Lisa), presumably because the Canadian legal system is similarly regressive to the UK’s and he wouldn’t have stood a chance in the US. Smooth move.

Patriarchal dominance has given several layers of power and expectation to men to feel that they can do as they please, unchallenged. Scale this up to a professional context where men get to parade their apparent knowledge, skills and futurism, we see that this hierarchical dominance is reproduced in a field that is women-predominant. This starts to build a specific domain of shitness, right? Moreover, this behaviour was discussed privately, creating silos of support and awareness, and this legal challenge is a threat to all women’s ability to disclose, discuss and secure safety in this patriarchal paradigm.

The money raised here will be a drop in the proverbial ocean, but everything helps, and using hairdryer excommunication as a vehicle to supplement my personal donations seemed sensible. (You can also donate here.) It also seemed like a discoursally important thing to do: are we up for a debate about gender politics in the no audience underground? I don’t think that our disparate ‘scenes’ are exempt from patriarchal normativity. Why don’t we challenge this more instead of reproducing it? Big questions.

Over to you…


Festivities, productivity, new stuff and old things


Well, it is 2013, as measured by our western calendar system. Lovely stuff?

First off, Radio Free Midwich has published the first half  of its annual Zellaby awards, and I as Petals/petals and even Kevin Sanders have been attributed the “The “Astral Social Club” Award, given for maintaining quality control over a huge body of work making it impossible to pick individual releases in an end of year round up.” I’m mightily honoured to say the least. Thanks Rob, and congratulations to the other, more deserving, winners.

To celebrate, I’ve been jamming, perhaps ironically, or perhaps because I’m an awkward sod, sounds that are moving in a different direction from previous albeit recent endeavours. That said, those who popped along to the pre-Schimpfluch show in Brizzle caught an audio-prototype of that sound, now bolstered with move square wave drones. These will be released in various forms over the coming few months, most likely digitally on here.

I’ve also been working on the first hXe release of 2013, the Karl MV Waugh / Petals 2 x 3″ CDr. This will be limited to 24 copies (split equally between the two of us) and will be available from February. Yes, it could have been a tape, but I wanted to do something with different packaging, and I’ve released a lot of tapes recently, so… The second release of the new year is already confirmed. Keep your ears to the ground for details.

Just before Christmas, Kieron Piercy, currently the most Northern of the trio of Spoils & Relics, popped over the Le Maison du hXe. We supped ale and jammed out some shit loudly. Really over-blown sounds, all of which failed to record thanks to my stupidity. Still, we’re working on following the collaborative stuff up in person and through this here internet.

A quick reminder for February 13th at Wharf Chambers. There will be Harrapian Night Recordings, Roman Nose, Petals, Clive Henry and (possibly) Moss Piglets, and almost certainly not in that order. I’m sure Pascal has it all in hand.


Catching up, post-ha(s)te

Prepping for Extreme Rituals, I made time [I did not “make time”] to create the ‘Ancient Western Hebrews’ End of fun 3″, as promised.

Also, I have created eleven copies of a mysterious c36 (by ‘Petals’,) Thread dome. The b side of this tape is on the Ilse’s benefit compilation which I urge you to buy. The a side is weird analogue electronics and tape crumble. Dead happy with this one.

Both will be available from 29/11. Oh, and SLI will have the remaining copies of the Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders collaborative cdr, which has received praise at both Radio Free Midwich and Idwal Fisher.


Whether to drown (SLI.009)

Leeds’ label du jour, Sheepscar Light Industrial, have just released a new batch of 3″ cdrs into the world. Aqua Dentata, Andy Jarvis and Petals have all had the industrial treatment: collect ’em all!

You can buy the physical beauties, digital files and even stream ’em here. I have a wedge of Petals’ Whether to drown discs which can be purchased or traded with myself. Contact me at For fans of ecstatic synths and grumpy violins, creepy electronics and the future ghost of Rick Wakeman.


Time waster

I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time.I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time. I waste time. As a hobby. I waste time.


Baby cakes from outerspace

A pair of new discs containing one track a piece, both clocking in around the thirteen minute mark or thereabouts. Manipulated tape loops sourced from my favourite comedy by William Shakespeare hit the synthesizer tones to hover across seas into an abyss on (Aversion to) The Tempest, and on blacker curtains, there’s a feedback, synth and ukulele vibe on the burn with a few jams mixed together in a suitably crude way. Only a tiny quantity to exist in physical form, but you can stream and download from the bowels of Hell, or these links:


Masked out 3″ cdr out now on Striate Cortex

A new 3″ cdr, ‘Masked out’, by petals has just been released by the ever immense Striate Cortex. Gorgeous multi-layered and textured packaging with hand painted elements and printed inserted. All of this conceals the treated acoustic drones that were produced from a ukulele and violin and some tapes of reeds. Solemn stuff for sure, and as librarians discovered today, good for keeping people away from you too. I’m up for trades on the copies that I have, or you can paypal me at

Head over to the Striate Cortex and grab some their other beautiful releases. Top labels like this need supporting…