Seth Cooke / Kevin Sanders split cdr


As can clearly been seen in the above image, the Seth Cooke / Kevin Sanders split cdr has finally been passed for quality by Max. It took a lot of work to get it through his rigorous checks, but I’ll concede that it was probably of benefit in the long run.

Seth Cooke, a core member of the Bang the Bore team (and whom is otherwise shamefully absent from the hXe roster,) provides more of his detailed exercises in high quality audio recordings. I’m not going to give you any more context than that, but I can get lost in this world and not feel remotely upset about my failed excersise in orienteering. An excersise in concision it is, which is then followed by the recording of a memory of a former life on Kevin’s track. All over in about 25 minutes.

Comes in an edition of just 25, each of which contains a stamped cdr, wrapped in cream paper and card, each of which contains several stamps in silver and black in ink. Each copy is hand typed and stamped by the fair hands that belong to the voice you are reading now. Not that one, this one. Yes.  Oh, and then there’s some found wool tied around it and each is sealed in resealable plastic wallet.

But worry not, it is available digitally, as per usual:

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