Karl MV Waugh / Petals split 2×3″


With the excitement of yesterday’s diary dump, I completely forgot to mention that the Karl MV Waugh / Petals 2 x 3″ is now available. It has already had some kind gestures aimed at it, so I’d recommend grabbing it now if you want one as there are but 24 copies in (physical) existence, of which I have only a handful left. Karl has a half of the initial ‘press’, so feel free to badger him, perhaps particularly if you live in the south east as postage is somewhat of a joke these days.

Karl MV Waugh, a regular A Band and Thee Bald Knobbers chap, at least when not partaking in The Zero Map, produces a rolled coaster of a ride with ‘Self pity’. Looming somethings. Fractured greys. There’s lots of attention and detail in the drone fields here, making for some top draw stuff. Petals continues with acidic drones, peppered with growing exterior sounds. As Girls Aloud claimed, the “beat of the drum goes round and round,” and while there are no drums here, the cyclical waltz of daily life in deepest Kirklees is firmly on display within ‘Lost found and buried in a tree.’

Each disc has been hand stamped and comes served in monochrome 7″ style packaging for just £4.00 plus postage.

However, for anyone who cares not for the clutter of physical stuff, worry not. It can be streamed/downloaded for free/donations over at:

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