Festivities, productivity, new stuff and old things


Well, it is 2013, as measured by our western calendar system. Lovely stuff?

First off, Radio Free Midwich has published the first half  of its annual Zellaby awards, and I as Petals/petals and even Kevin Sanders have been attributed the “The “Astral Social Club” Award, given for maintaining quality control over a huge body of work making it impossible to pick individual releases in an end of year round up.” I’m mightily honoured to say the least. Thanks Rob, and congratulations to the other, more deserving, winners.

To celebrate, I’ve been jamming, perhaps ironically, or perhaps because I’m an awkward sod, sounds that are moving in a different direction from previous albeit recent endeavours. That said, those who popped along to the pre-Schimpfluch show in Brizzle caught an audio-prototype of that sound, now bolstered with move square wave drones. These will be released in various forms over the coming few months, most likely digitally on here.

I’ve also been working on the first hXe release of 2013, the Karl MV Waugh / Petals 2 x 3″ CDr. This will be limited to 24 copies (split equally between the two of us) and will be available from February. Yes, it could have been a tape, but I wanted to do something with different packaging, and I’ve released a lot of tapes recently, so… The second release of the new year is already confirmed. Keep your ears to the ground for details.

Just before Christmas, Kieron Piercy, currently the most Northern of the trio of Spoils & Relics, popped over the Le Maison du hXe. We supped ale and jammed out some shit loudly. Really over-blown sounds, all of which failed to record thanks to my stupidity. Still, we’re working on following the collaborative stuff up in person and through this here internet.

A quick reminder for February 13th at Wharf Chambers. There will be Harrapian Night Recordings, Roman Nose, Petals, Clive Henry and (possibly) Moss Piglets, and almost certainly not in that order. I’m sure Pascal has it all in hand.

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