Halfway to the start of the ending

Now, if anybody can spot the anachronsims here, I’d be appreciative of notifications. For I have been down south, to a place with green pastures, to a place that nobody knows. The locum, I forget the name of which, saps the matter from your brain.

Inculcated with their ways,  I sat by the road side and ate some bread, for I had missed the opportunity to multiply my being.

After the sun coated me in a red-tenderness, and after resting me weary ways, I did open a bag, and I did pitch a tent (and I believe this tent was mine, although I cannot confirm this at present.) I was surrounded, immediately (as it happens) by a gang called the Waitrose Warriors. They crucified gin with some rather aromatic cigarettes. They sang two songs. On loop. But they continuously morphed everything by the virtue of something called ‘Ketamin,’ (which I took to be a noun of some sort:) “I wanna be your wonderwall / After all, I’m your dog” or words to that effect.

Managing to side step these warriors through the tunnel that I’d dug underneath my tent and into the woods, I joined a group of traveling folk who were face down in the dirt. One of them (his name was Seth, or Sef, I couldn’t quite tell) was scraping a bucket and fingering the air for sounds. The birds clapped their wings to his attitude, but I just joined the remainder of the gang, face down in the dirt.

I then found myself with a cassette machine, thrashing Bees out of every corner of a barn. It was fairly scary, so I refreshed my palette with some local delight that was served in a clear plastic unit that they called a ‘pint’. I blank out here, but the  document at the bottom of this post was positioned in my top pocket when I awoke in a car with a small person to my left. She called for my death, and I waited. I waited and waited. I wriggled into another seat. I slumped again. With some bread, and I drank my own sweat as I stumbled into the abyss.

I have some small cuts on my right hand, and this is all I know.

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