Retrogressive acknowledgments; or the future updated

Just a quick note to, well to notify you that the Preconcerted tape is now going to be packaged in a similar way to the previous petals release, Another black/red box, which is still available. This is because all of the folders (like the one in the photograph above) with slides have been used for now.

If I get my grubby paws on anymore, these will be used again. If I don’t, then they won’t… you have to be quick these days.

Big thanks to Steve at Muhmur HQ for the very kind words!

2 Comments to “Retrogressive acknowledgments; or the future updated”

  1. “Shallow Open Cast Mining Exposes Iron Bearing Strata. Corby. Northamptonshire” is sooooo redolent of my childhood spent clambering thru quarries in said norhants town … fancy a music trade?

    • I’d love to trade. I would offer to do so on Saturday but the wife had already booked me to go and see Ol’ Miseryguts in Manchester on that night. Ne’er mind.

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