The new beasts and their lair

So, the time hath finally come to branch out into the world of paraphernalia. As such these sexy patches (bags and tables not included) are now available. They were made by Dolly Patchaos Produktion over in Indonesia. He is a top guy, highly recommended and punk as fuck.

You can put them on your jacket and look really cool, or you could adorn your work shirt with it and be subversive. You can pretty much adhere it to most things with whatever your intention may be. That is because it is DIY. Like.

All the money raised from their sale goes to the 1 in 12 Club, which will help to fix stuff that was recently broken having just been fixed to comply with fire regulations.

Paypal a minimum of £1.00 (with it being for a good cause, feel free to add more to that amount) to or email me if you’d rather give me a cheque/cash etc.

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