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Uh-oh, spaghetti-O

My dearest of ironies. This has happened. Yes, we’ve made it.

I’d never have thought that I would have been such a pompous type to get giddy over such frivolities. How did this happen? Probably the parents. Yes. The parents. Always them. And the governments. All of ’em. And probably the media (it is very en vogue to blame the media.) “Fuck you, media!” Fuck you.

But this was about sounds. And they were very nice about the sounds, so ignore all of that spiel. Apart from the fact that YOU MUST hate my parents. And the governments that defiled me even though I misinterpreted something which I then blamed on the fucking governments. And my parents. No. Do you have to hate on them? They’re really nice and I wouldn’t be quite the same if I hadn’t heard that 10’000 Maniacs record that many times.

Can we just agree to like all governments? And hate swear words?