Four hours and whisky brain (with trouser stains)

Friday night equalled an absolutely brilliant gig at Sheffield’s Audacious Art Space (co-promoted by Singing Knives), with the line up including the likes of Joincey, Stuart Arnot, Luke Poot and a herd of other epically wild outsider folk. Saturday morning equalled a groggy-headed start in a double bed (cheers Andy and Jess!) in Nether Edge. Nevertheless, a brisk walk in to town followed by a cup of coffee and some scran at the Blue Moon was enough to blow the cobwebs off. So, one did the reasonable thing and strolled to the station. Rather than opting for the direct train, I opted to get the train to Wakefield and change there as it was leaving fifteen minutes earlier and absolutely chuffing freezing in Sheffield. Excellent.

Then Wakefield Westgate station brings the news that some bastards have stolen a load of cable at Mirfield, meaning there is a replacement bus service. Just what one needs. The Sheffield – Huddersfield journey already manages to take one hour and half as it is by train, no matter which route you take, so Saturday road traffic was going to slow things down. Still never mind.

Then, an hour later, the bus still had failed to arrive, accompanied by a stream of bullshit and misinformation by the caring customer services staff (“He’s five minutes away” and “He says he is 200 yards away” were some of my favourites when the bus was 15 minutes late…) When the bus finally arrives, the driver was suitably knarked to the point of rudeness, which really added to the warm feeling that I had for the ‘public’ transport system. Anyhow, I got home four hours after leaving Sheffield station. Bath, food, zoned out for a little, and then it was time for Catharsis:

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