Fallen foul of the larger bang

Upon forgetting that this day is a bank holiday, thus granting slaves such as myself a ‘day off’ from The Man’s needs and wants, I was terribly disappointed to find the Post Office appeared to be closed when I approached it this morning. My eyes did not decieve me. It was closed, and indeed shall remain so until tomorrow morning. When it will be populated with staff, and The Man begins this year’s crush. Again.

So, having returned home with a day of domesticity and hot lemon drinks planned, I got on with such tasks. Until I was bored. There really are only so many loads of washing, sweeping, hoovering, pots and hot lemon drinks that one can progress through before completing the necessary amount. From here, there was a problem.

With time extended and seemingly closing off my leisure space at an alarming rate, I decided to listen to the radio. Detuned, of course. I did so until the neighbour injected some thumps of a sexual nature from my ceiling, and at this point, I decided to use headphones to keep that sound out of my sound.

Only I added some other sounds.

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