Flowing uphill at the speed of a Christ

Following the simultaneous celebrations of our saviour and Christ child’s birth and the annual appearance of the Santa burglar, I’ve pieced together a composition based on lots of field recordings of a walk up and around some of the moutains around the villages (née hamlets) of Ardouane and Brettes, within the Hérault which is within the Languedoc-Roussillon.

This was done today, in this newest of years and is for the fruits of the labour of a certain Seth Cooke and Sara Sowah which will come to full fruition at some point this month in the form of what scientists call a ‘child.’ Their work thus far has been stellar in all forms, forums and projects, so we expect great things and great times. No pressure…

Walking up a mountain for baby or “Crawling on all fours. Another in another dark or in the same crawling on all fours and devising it all for company. Or some other form of motion.” (Beckett, 1980) is available to download now.

Beckett, Samuel (1980) Company, London: Calder

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