Recent underdoings and wired activities

What with the annual passing of time and the complications of growing longer, activities have been flourishing of late.

A collaboration with Duncan Harrison is in full effect and seems to be ploughing concrete; an exercise of interesting futility. More on this at a later time.

Simple arpeggio explorations have been ongoing after finding a cheap synth at Huddersfield market. An example of this exists here, and other examples can be heard buried within metallic scrapes on the track that Petals has contributed to the Bang the Bore 6cd benefit compilation, which aims to raise funds in order to enable them to purchase a PA that will enable them to put on more shows. Other artists set to appear include Annie Lewandowski, Simon Morris, Andrew Clare, Ignacio Agrimbau, Mark Sanders, Ashtray Navigations, the A Band and Bolide, so it looks like an essential document.

A production of Beckett’s ‘Happy Days’ has been on, so we decided to go on my birthday. It was incredible; the production featured Peter Gowen and Pauline McLynn, and so offered a lot and didn’t let down. Hilarious, understated, visually impeccable and all served in the tiny studio theatre at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre. All good birthday fun, only to be usurped by the ever impressive Ibis hotels, but I digress…

This was recorded today using bank holiday ecstasy to avoid collection management (not for the first time, but formerly the penultimate?) using various bits of analogue and digital gear.

Now go drink a Pimm’s while I go the the market.

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